Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language PathologyAs a speech therapist, Janice helps children develop the essential skills for successful social communication. Based on her experience working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), she defines treatment goals for autism therapy. She draws on her years of experience offering speech and language pathology in school settings to provide students with practical methods to reach these goals.

Janice uses speech-language pathology to help people with ASD develop self-insight, and to understand how other people think and feel. Janice’s philosophy is that it is essential for children with ASD to develop communication skills in order to be successful in school. Janice works with children with communication disorders to teach language and speech skills that are fundamental for reading comprehension and written expression.

Autism Consulting for Schools

Autism Consulting for SchoolsJanice Nathan provides training and advice to school districts that want to improve their educational programs for children with ASD. Janice helps teachers, counselors, and paraprofessionals identify autism signs in children. She uses the tools of speech therapy to provide effective language interventions for people with ASD. Janice’s clients have included both charter schools and school districts from throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Autism Treatment Awareness

Autism Treatment AwarenessJanice approaches speech therapy as a way to thoroughly understand each child’s unique needs, personality, and circumstances. Janice uses a therapeutic approach that treats the child with respect, dignity, and integrity. Janice understands that when a child cannot express themselves through language, they may express their frustration through their behavior. Janice approaches therapy as a combination of language intervention and training to help the child understand and express their emotions.

Speech-Language Pathology Evaluations

Speech-Language Pathology EvaluationsJanice Nathan provides formal evaluations of speech-language pathology conditions and sensory processing disorders in children. Specifically, she tests for interpretations of implied messages and the use of world knowledge when students are presented with novel situations. Janice also provides informal diagnostic assessments using her skills as a speech-language pathologist to make observations of students in a school environment. To make these assessments, she may follow the student in the school for up to a full day.

Evaluations of Social Cognition

The following are examples of how Janice Nathan evaluates her clients’ use of language for reasoning and problem solving:

Social Skills TrainingExample 1: Janice evaluates how her clients apply language in the context of relationships. For instance, she might ask a client, “Is it acceptable to go up to someone and ask them about personal information?”

Example 2: Janice evaluates how her clients adapt to social contexts. For instance, Janice might ask a client, “What is one thing that you like about school?” If the client replies saying, “I don’t like anything about school,” that individual may be thinking too broadly and not understanding the need to modify their answer to meet the social expectations.

Example 3: Janice evaluates her clients’ ability to ask for help. For instance, Janice may ask a client, “How do you feel when you are stuck on a homework problem that you do not understand?” If the client becomes emotionally agitated, not knowing how to ask for help, this may indicate that they do not know how to use social resources when needed.