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Janice Nathan has a wonderful and unique way of working with individuals with autism. She sees her clients not as a diagnosis or a speech problem, but as whole people with strengths and challenges. To Janice, individuals with autism spectrum disorders are gifted and quirky, sometimes difficult but always interesting. Because of this compassionate, humorous and kindly outlook, Janice always goes a little further in her treatment, educating and advocating as well as helping children communicate better. I can count on Janice to think outside the box and to be willing to discuss the many challenges that face our mutual clients – she never narrows or confines her thinking to just her profession. Janice Nathan is a rare soul and a talented speech pathologist. I am grateful to be her friend and colleague.
- Rebecca Klaw, MS, MEd – Trainer, Consultant and Advocate
Autism Services by Klaw

Janice Nathan offers a fresh perspective to our staff on the difficulties that neurologically impaired students face. She provides practical, applicable strategies complete with examples from her own experience of working with children with ASD. Her information is useful not only for teachers, but also our tech support representative who helps students work through their computer problems. Janice has a caring nature and genuine desire to help our teachers and our students; I personally appreciate the work she is doing for us.
- Mrs. Lindsay Gardner – Special Education Teacher/IS
PA Cyber: The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

Dear Miss Janice,
Thank you so much for all that you have done for my daughter. You have made a tremendous difference in her life. Everyone tells me how much she has improved in the last few months. But more than that–and what I appreciate most of all—is that you get Cate in a way that very few people do. You see the goodness, the sweetness, the brilliance–all that makes her my Cate-Cate. No thank you could ever be sufficient to express my appreciation for that.
Very truly yours,

- Stephen West – Parent

The Communication Science & Disorders Department of the University of Pittsburgh is so fortunate to have Janice Nathan serve as a Network Clinical Instructor with our first year SLP graduate students. She provides a positive learning experience for student clinicians, sharing her knowledge and clinical expertise in autism spectrum disorders. Janice’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and optimistic outlook provide a wonderful role model for our speech/language pathology graduate students.

- Cheryl Messick, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Education

I first met Janice when she was a speaker at an autism seminar, and I knew immediately that she would understand my son and the struggles he encounters every day because of his communication, cognitive, and social skill delays. She has been extraordinarily helpful in pinpointing the origins of my son’s behavioral challenges, and she works with him to identify, understand, and communicate his emotional state. Janice helps him to communicate effectively so he can show his teachers what he knows and they can maintain appropriate expectations of him. One of the biggest changes has been how Janice has helped him develop his coping skills; he’s now able to control his emotions in ways he never was before. Janice also addresses reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, and math skills as they relate to his language needs. The latest research into the neurological bases for language and communication determines all of Janice’s approaches. And although this sounds very academic, she easily keeps my son’s attention throughout their sessions. She is enthusiastic, warm, humorous, and empathetic. All of this, combined with her cumulative work with many students of all ages, makes Janice one of the finest speech-language pathologists we have worked with in the last 12 years.

- Jacquelyn Stephanou, a parent.