Autism Consulting

Janice Nathan offers speech-language pathology services to parents, educators, and service providers dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Setting Treatment Goals for Autism

Autism ConsultingJanice Nathan helps children with ASD become independent problem solvers, both in academic and social settings. Janice’s approach to autism treatment recognizes that similar cognitive skills are required for both academic and social success.

Using Speech Therapy to Help Adults with Autism

Speech TherapyJanice Nathan helps adults with ASD understand the unspoken rules of social interaction. Using the tools of speech therapy, Janice helps people with ASD develop relationships by teaching them to interpret non-verbal forms of communication.

Janice’s Autism Consulting Services Include:

● Presenting autism workshops to educators, families, and service providers.
● Helping educators, families, and service providers identify autism signs in children.
● Serving as an autism consultant on site and remotely to individuals and organizations.
● Offering therapy to children and adults with speech-language pathology conditions.
● Providing training and resources for children with sensory processing disorder.
● Teaching parents and educators strategies to help people with ASD learn day-to-day problem solving skills.
● Providing consulting services for parents needing help with IEP development and implementation in school settings.
● Working with wraparound teams to promote social communication and problem solving skills for people with ASD.
● Assisting organizations and service providers to understand the learning challenges of people with ASD.