Autism Workshops

Autism ConferencesJanice Nathan offers workshops for educators, parents, and service professionals, and provides practical techniques for teaching people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Please contact Janice if you would like her to speak at your school or organization.

Topics Covered in Janice’s Workshops May Include:

Understanding Learning Profiles of Students with ASD

Janice teaches workshop participants to develop learning profiles for students with ASD. To develop these profiles, Janice uses insights from the field of speech-language pathology to better understand the ways that people with ASD learn.

Facilitating Learning Throughout the School Day

Janice explains why many students with ASD can understand what is expected of them, but may not always meet these expectations. Janice uses the techniques of speech therapy to teach attendees of her autism conferences how to help students with ASD function better in the school environment.

Teaching People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Janice Nathan’s autism workshops provide techniques for families, organizations, and service providers to better assist people on the autism spectrum, both at home and in the classroom. Janice Nathan has presented her workshops at many organizations, including Family Behavioral Resources, the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit. Janice has also offered professional presentations at ABOARD’s Autism Connection of PA and the National Autism Conference held at Pennsylvania State University.

Select Speech-Language Pathology Topics Include*:

● Using speech-language pathology to help children with ASD learn “inner speech” to develop their independent problem solving skills.
● Using speech therapy to develop academic and social skills by training the parts of the brain that control emotional regulation.
● Developing memory by applying world knowledge to novel situations, and adapting that knowledge accordingly.
● Improving social cognition by using language for reasoning and problem solving.

Select Autism-Related Topics Include*:

● Recognizing autism signs in children.
● Formally teaching common social rules.
● Helping people with ASD build self-esteem.
● Valuing all communication, including behavior.
● Helping people with ASD think abstractly.
● Helping adults with ASD avoid legal conflict.
● Providing instruction about relationships and dating.
● Helping to increase emotional development.

* Offered in full or half-day workshops.