Nathan Speech Services

Speech Language PathologyJanice Nathan is a speech-language pathologist and engaging public speaker. She works with children, teens, and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She has worked for many years providing speech and language pathology in school settings.

Janice runs a private practice providing speech therapy, as well as social skills training. As part of her autism tool kit, she uses speech-language pathology to identify autism signs in children and adults. Janice’s tool kit includes social skills worksheets and other written evaluations that she uses to help her clients develop facility in interpersonal communication.

Autism ConferencesIn her workshops and presentations, Janice brings her knowledge of speech-language pathology conditions to a broad audience. Her goal is to increase autism treatment awareness, and to help parents and service providers learn about therapeutic options available to people on the autism spectrum.

Janice is a charismatic public speaker who uses her experience as a speech-language pathologist to create exciting and informative presentations. Janice also has years of personal experience with autism, as she has grown up and lives with her brother, an adult with ASD. In Janice’s workshops, she not only provides a basic understanding of autism for parents and family members, but also offers valuable insights to professionals who have worked in the field for many years.

Janice Nathan Provides the Following Key Services:

● Presentations, seminars, and training workshops
● Consulting services for ASD service providers
● Speech and language pathology in school settings
● Speech therapy for children and adults with ASD
● Speech-language evaluations

Janice’s Workshops Include the Following Topics:

● Teaching language for reasoning and problem solving
● Improving social cognition for children and teens
● Developing “inner speech” for self-regulation
● Understanding the unwritten rules of communication
● Handling interpersonal relationships
● Understanding and managing the demands of the workplace